Career Guidance and Mapping System

Career Guidance and Mapping System:

The CGMS is the Ultimate Source of Career Guidance Tools

TABSGI offers a comprehensive suite of career assessment and guidance services that help aspiring jobseekers stay focused on their career goals. Choosing the right subjects and having the right portfolio of extra-curricular activities; plays a major role in acquiring good placement opportunities. TABSGI’s Career Guidance and Mapping System (CGMS) provides such candidates the right set of tools that help them explore their professional aptitudes and aspirations.

Aptitude Assessment Tools

The genre-defining aptitude assessment tools from TABSGI help organizations implement ground-breaking career identification technologies for the best possible returns from an employee’s individuality. The CGMS from TABSGI utilizes a comprehensive and psychologically established range of questions that include professional preferences, personal affiliations and general questioning that passes candidates through miscellaneous scenarios and records their individual reactions. The CGMS is proven as an effective tool to determine the candidate’s choice of profession and a clear aptitude profile of the applicant.

Education Planner

The CGMS includes an effective and well thought out Education Planning system that guides the candidates to choose the best possible route to their dream job. The Education Planning System comprises of interactive features that processes the candidate’s chosen subjects and their aptitudes. The end result is an accurate estimation of a career route with respect to the specific choices that define individuality.

My School Classes

My School Classes
Each choice a candidate makes in choosing their career starts with their choice of subjects in school. However, they can always choose to add to your capabilities and add new subjects to equip them with the skills required for your desired career position. My School Classes facilitates candidates choose classes and the subjects required for various career options.

My Education History

My Education History
A candidate’s education History can be a determining factor of the future. Integrated with the Resume Builder feature, My Education History facilitates the candidates to put their best foot forward. It allows efficient documentation of educational achievements and can help showcase their abilities.

Career Planner

Candidates can effectively map out their career using our cutting edge Career Planning tools! The ground-breaking feature allows candidates to schedule their future achievements. All tools required to draw a professional frame-work are included. As well as a one stop picture of future goals connected to the past and the current steps towards those goals

Skills Profiler

The Skills Profiler from TGI helps candidates match their skills with career opportunities. Those skills might have been acquired through community services or through engagement in other after-school activities. The skills profiler provides a more accurate leaning of the candidate towards particular occupations. The Candidates can outline their abilities through a user friendly skills adding system that signifies their particular area of expertise.

Training & Education Explorer

Character and skill building trainings and educational opportunities enrich an individual’s profile and professional ability. The Trainings & Educational Explorer streamlines the search nationwide for such opportunities and empowers the candidate’s choice for the most appropriate internships, Colleges or Universities. All this can be accomplished from the luxury of the dashboard. The Search feature works nationwide, on the basis of factors such as majors offered, tuition and financial aid.


Communication is an important aspect of finding the perfect job. TABSGI’s Career Guidance and Mapping System provides exceptional communication abilities to help manage interaction with counselors. The Daily Journal feature facilitates candidates to express themselves and provide career counselors with integral insights on an individual’s thought process.

My Mailbox

My Mailbox
The Mailbox facilitates communication with third-party career coaches without leaving the dashboard. It provides an archiving feature of the Mail exchange between the candidates and their Guidance counselors.

My Journal

My Journal
The Journal provides users the ability to jot down their thoughts and feelings about their professional and educational ideas, thoughts and daily events. They can schedule their goals or simply share those thoughts with their career coach.

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