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Career.VI is the #1 Job placement and Search Portal in the Virgin Islands. With sound human resource solutions for both the employers and job seekers, operates on a completely FREE for all model. The job seekers simply sign up through the website and start applying to their desired positions and job vacancies as they are uploaded. Career.VI is a complete and comprehensive resource for all job related queries.

Onsite, professional resume building and application management capabilities are offered to the candidates who register. Employers can post and manage their job postings and view applications as required. Career.VI facilitates networking between aspiring job seekers and employers for better job placement. Furthermore, employers can inform the Virgin Island Department of Labor of their job opening by posting it on Career.VI.

Since it’s inauguration in February 2008 as a fully automated web portal, Career.VI is visited by more than 395,000 people on a monthly basis from the Virgin Islands, the continental US and around the world and more than 3,000,000 pages have been viewed. Due to this high traffic, the leading search engine, Google, has chosen Career.VI as an authentic website and Alexa, a renowned ranking tool, has ranked it among the top Ten Virgin Islands’ websites. In the present economic conditions when unemployment is dangerously high and a raised cost of living is forcing people to seek multiple jobs, more and more people are benefiting from Career.VI.

Our Powerful Recruiting Tools

Featured Employer

Get the best from the Virgin Islands’ largest Job Website. Our ‘Featured Employer’ section is the crown of our recruitment features. Get high brand recognition by posting your company’s logo on Career.VI’s homepage in the Featured Employer section. This will help you brand your image and communicate your company’s message to job seekers worldwide, and particularly the Virgin Islands. In return, you attract great candidates to work for your company, thereby improving your business output standards and meeting organizational goals. Whichever way you look at it, having your logo in the Featured Employer section gives your company increased exposure and consequently helps to recruit a greater pool of candidates.

Top Jobs

Choose “Top Jobs” vacancy positioning to effectively place your job openings and receive the best talent for your organization. It is a powerful, cost effective and professional way to present your organization all over the Virgin Islands.

An effective presence on professional networks will strengthen your brand and increase the desirability of your company. Statistics suggest that Top Jobs can get you up to 3 times more job applications compared to an average job posting.

Resume Search Engine

You wanted to get even greater response from Career.VI and shared your feelings. Now you can scan through the Virgin Islands largest resume database to find the best match for your job. Your proactive reach out can help you secure the qualified but passive candidates that don't usually surf job websites or respond to the job openings. Our Advanced Resume Search options and the state-of-the art scan technology gives you great accuracy in finding the right person for the job with minimum efforts and cuts down the need to sort through irrelevant resumes. Once you become our featured employer, you enjoy the power of our Resume Search Engine.

Few Other Powerful Recruiting Tools

Our Powerful Career Tools

Job Agent

We welcome you to our state-of the art system, developed to meet your job hunting needs, while keeping in mind your busy schedule. Job hunting is dedicated work and requires a lot of time and energy and sometimes leaves us frustrated and upset. We understand that your time is precious and your life’s priorities may not always allow you to keep tabs on the latest job opportunitiesavailable out there. This is where Career. VI’s job agent can assist you. While applying for jobs on Career VI will always remain free, the job agent can provide you with the additional edge that can give you that special edge that only an automated job agent can give you.


To better prepare you for your job search and interviewing process, we have equipped you with a revolutionary feature, the Competitor. With this feature, you can now see the competition you may be facing for the job you have applied. Competitor simply provides you with the number of people who have applied for the same job using Career VI. Once you know your competition on any job, you are better equipped to answer any challenge that may come during your job search. Competitor tabulates your competition and presents it to you every time you click on the Competition icon next to the job you have applied for.

Cart Credit

We have developed and successfully integrated with Career VI, one of the most innovative service cart systems, Cart Credit. Our credit system allows you to purchase any number of credits by using our secure cart and payment system with PayPal. These credits can be used anytime within the mentioned time period on all the paid services of Career VI and its affiliated sites.

Few Other Powerful Career Tools

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