Knowledge Testing System

Automated Knowledge Testing System

InteRoads™ is a complete knowledge testing suite to test drivers’ skills and driving knowledge. Powered by cutting edge technology, it is the markets most intuitive and advanced automated testing system. The system provides a state of-the-art and user-friendly interface for Administrators, Invigilators and End-Users.

With robust features that allow complete and comprehensive management of the testing requirements. InteRoads provides a very versatile, scalable and enterprise-friendly automated testing solution to your Department.

The InteRoads management console comes with a suite of genre- defining features:

The Departments for Motor Vehicles all over the country no longer need to settle for sub-par, slow integration, outdated questionnaires or buggy user interfaces.

TABSGI’s experienced deployment teams are prepared to meet all specifications and expectations from an Intelligent Testing System. InteRoads is prepared to perform any type of follow up service to ensure implementation of a streamlined system.

InteRoads incorporates an easy to use and intuitive User Interface that facilitates navigation and customization for all types of Invigilators, Administrators and End-Users. An Automated Testing Suite that can adapt to its users.

The InteRoads Team prides themselves on identifying bottlenecks in the process flow and troubleshoot them as required. Our systems are high performing tools that help create the maximum productivity. The team works hard to ensure their operation on all systems.

Information stays protected at InteRoads. We use a secure system following all the security standard specifications of Local Government departments including the DMV. The aspiration for improvement stems from a constant re-evaluation of strict data execution policies. Additionally, advanced trouble shooting techniques are employed to identify and counter any sort of hardware and software problems faced by the administrator.

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