Intelligent Modernization System

Intelligent Modernization System (AID-IMS)

AID-IMS is a very comprehensive, intelligent and advanced modernization system, developed by Z-Square Technology. It was tailored to fulfill the DMV’s modernization needs. However, the Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) modernization system offers great utility to all types of departmental or commercial uses.

A little back story: Before development, we conducted an in-depth survey of legacy systems in many DMVs. The revelations showed challenges like:

  • Inflexible systems
  • Slow operations
  • Inadequate integration with third-party systems
  • A lack of proper monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • Noncompliance with regulations
  • Department-wide inefficiencies.
TABSGI believed that the DMV processes are already too complicated without legacy systems making them even more cumbersome and costly. The initiative for the development was a complete understanding of the issues surrounding the issuance of a secure driver’s license, vehicle registration. We believe we have covered all possible processes behind helping DMVs; manage their operations smoothly and with complete confidence.

The Commercial-Off –the-Shelf (COTS) modernization system variant from AID-IMS was thus especially designed to provide DMVs with an intuitive and comprehensive modernization solution, one that included powerful components such as:

Our Experience:

TGI is America’s oldest family of innovators. We pride on creating comprehensive solutions that are powerful, user-friendly and scalable. The proof behind this statement stems from the fact that we are the youngest company to have solutions deployed for both the US government and for multiple DMVs across the country. The AID-IMS has been labeled as “the most intuitive and user-friendly system”. Despite glowing recommendations and a penchant for excellence, TGI’s Intelligent modernization system is the most cost-effective and scalable solution for the DMVs.

Features of AID-IMS:

The AID-IMS is a versatile system; able to cope with the rapid changes in technological trends. The target of AID-IMS is not only the current demographic but also the upcoming DMV applicants of the next generation. AID-IMS’s was developed specially for the Y and Z generations; tech savvy users who have honed mobile phone usage and require instant service, anytime, anywhere.
AID-IMS has been designed specifically to facilitate security for the Customer and ease of use at all levels. The user interface and System architecture are designed to provide intuitive features that reduce processing times and improve efficiency with every operation.

“Let’s Power Today’s DMV”

Like any integral part of a good business solution; the AID-IMS is scalable to requirements. This feature allows cost minimization through effective scaling during times of budgetary constraints for the DMVs.
The COTS variant of the AID-IMS can be deployed quite quickly with minimal configuration, all the while reducing implementation expenses. Additionally, a highly deployable system can reduce setup times in case of a contingency.

AID-IMS (America’s ID- Intelligent Modernization System) equips the Departments of Motor Vehicle with a very powerful modernization solution. Our dedicated change management team works closely with your department to ensure the best possible deployment of the most powerful, versatile and complete modernization solution in the industry.

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