Secure Credentialing Solutions

Secure Credentialing Solutions:

A solution tailored to meet all requirements from a modular designed credentialing suite.

A secure credentialing system can be used to ensure protection and identity management of citizens, employees or any other sort of personnel for a large enterprise. However, incorporating one in an existing digital eco-system is a daunting task especially if there are constraints of time and resource. America’s ID™ through our subsidiary Z-Square Technology (ZST) provides a very feasible solution for both government and private organizations. Here at TGI, we incorporate cutting-edge code with general reliability to ensure effective issuance and integration of NICs, Driver’s Licenses, Voter’s Registration, Government or Organizational IDs and/or Travel Credentials etc.

TABSGI provides a comprehensive solution to incorporate the latest techniques and technologies in secure credentialing for your organizational structure. Our Secure credentialing solutions provide a unique single interface that can work online seamlessly; allowing our clients global access to the mainframe. However, the system operates equally effectively in Kiosk or standalone mode where services are available to applicants through mere a swipe of their card.

The secure credentials design process from TGI includes bio metric elicitation, complete enrollment, a comprehensive background co-relational and card issuance (from design to printing).

The best thing about America’s ID™ beside its sheer power, functionality, utility and security (did we mention portability); is its modularity. In fact it’s a “Lego Approach” that allows the client to choose the most suitable modules for their business model. This allows businesses to get the most value and utility from their purchase decision.

America’s ID credentialing system is capable of a multitude of features.


In modern times, your interaction with the customer starts a long time before they take the first step in your office. In keeping with such dynamics of today’s market, the Flex-Access technology was introduced. It is a quite flexible system that provides a multi-channel approach to your customers. Our secure credentialing system is fully integrated and strictly UX tested across various devices, kiosk interfaces and online operation. The enrollment process is initialized as soon as a customer is engaged. Flex-Access thus minimizes the waiting times and improves the customer experience through interactive tools across a multitude of mediums.

America’s ID- Intelligent Modernization System is the industry’s most powerful modernization solutions used by motor vehicle departments all over. Our highly technically sound project management team coordinates in close proximity with the client’s personnel to successfully deploy the solution. Our management and training teams play an invaluable part to completely train and establish the standards of operation. They say a tool is only as good as the user; we make sure that training constraints do not hinder the effectiveness of the industry’s most powerful and intuitive modernization solution.

Products that offer the Flex-Access feature:


Each Flex-Access product provides a unique set of features that cater to your customers’ individual needs. The secure credentialing system comprises of on-the-go interactive features that provide convenience and flexible choice to the users.

Entity Enrollment and Data Processing

America’s ID offers the industry’s most user optimized and efficient front-end system, one that can improve your productivity and exponentially increase customer satisfaction. The Flex-Access suite is fully integrated with the front-end suite and specially designed to provide your front-end staff with an efficient and familiar one-window interface, our front-end suite allows easy enrollment and data processing abilities.

Our enrollment and processing suite offers the following features:

Background Verification

T GI prides to provide a complete and versatile suite of background verification tools in the industry. Our signature Background Verification Suite is a fully automated authentication and credential validation system that can also be used manually. America’s ID manages applicants’ information and uses an intelligent information cross-referencing and investigation algorithm.The automated and integrated investigative console can run comprehensive background checks and examine any type of records and credentials.

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