Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated Development Teams

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Hire cost-effective and expert resources of TGI for short term or long term projects.

TGI is an ideal choice for high quality software development & maintenance services. We provide dedicated software development team services to enhance collaboration and long term relationship with our clients. We have a team of certified professionals with extensive industry experience and have essential infrastructure to improve and support your business process. You can hire TGI’s dedicated and professional team of IT experts to meet your software development and maintenance needs.

Choose from our certified professionals and make a full time professional team to reduce cost and enhance your business.

TGI prides itself on its personnel; a unique and carefully vetted group of individuals. Each person under our wing at TGI is a technically sound and highly valued industry leader. We take exceptional initiative to develop our human resource through collaborative trainings and effective skill enhancement workshops. That’s the reason why each Dedicated Development Team from TGI is versatile and effective enough to tackle immense workloads

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

An offshore team permits you to enhance savings and increase your in-house technical staff with your preferred enthusiastic developers. Our team consist of highly-qualified programmers and IT experts. Select a pool of senior developers and create your own devoted offshore team in your own particular time. So, reduce your operating expenses by leveraging our offshore talent.

Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT)

A model of committed software developers team building. It is kind of Offshore Development Center (ODC) give you an option to transfer the devoted team into your own company or a subsidiary located in TGI's Lahore Campus.

Out staffing

TGI has considerable experience in Outstaffing. Our expert recruiters provide assistance and consultancy for choosing highly skilled workforce. Our staffing model is specially designed to reduce cost and increase profit by giving clients a cutting-edge. It also encourages team building and long term relationship with our customers.

We assure you Outstaffing with TGI will be more beneficial in following ways.

1. Access to world’s best talent with reasonable costing.
2. Unlimited virtual support to expand your target market, it will allow you to earn more.
3. Assistance in reducing your development cost.

Joint Venture

Joint venture is the best way to grow faster, increase productivity and generate profiting by enhancing market share.TGI is a perfect choice if you want to build an IT department or expand your software business by getting corporate entity in Lahore.

Feature of our Joint Venture

1. Increase capacity
2. Entrance to new markets and distribution networks
3. Sharing profit and risk
4. Access to superior resources, including expert staff, technology and finance.

Improve and expand current business using our innovative technologies and methodologies.

Our DDT model assures that the team will entirely focus only on your project and the quantity of developers in teams can vary according to your project needs. For your project monitoring & supervision, we can allocate a skilled project manager or our dedicated team can work under the direct supervision of your project manager.
We make sure that all infrastructure facilities will be in your access throughout the project timeline.

Responsibilities of TGI

1. Select or hire resources- hire right personnel suited clients’ requirements.

2. Costing for resources- costing depends on personnel’s skills, experience, role and technology etc.

3. Deliverables- responsible for high quality and on time deliverables.

The staffing process of Dedicated Development Teams is very similar to how you would hire the personnel locally:

1. Search, evaluation, and suggest you a best candidate after interview scanning

2. You can interview candidates according to your own standards

3. Finally, get your own remote IT team at a significantly low labor cost

Pricing Model- Get what you pay for!

Our transparent pricing model with no hidden payment ensures that our interest is aligned with the client’s strategies. Our pricing model is a key to success and mutually beneficial collaboration which will last longer.

Our formula for the monthly fee for a full-time employee (FTE)

Monthly fee for an FTE = (direct FTE costs) + (infrastructure + service fees)

Direct FTE costs- salary and benefits, including taxes.

Infrastructure fees- fees for office space, hardware, software, networking equipment and other facilities.

Service fees- the fee charged for support, consultancy and management.

These costs will be shared with you so that you manage cost and budget for each employee and whole team.

If you need full control over the software development process dedicated team of programmers is the best choice. Through this you will get level of security, transparency and flexibility. All the experts and infrastructure will be at your service as long as you need them.

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