Independent Quality Assurance & Software Testing Services

Independent Quality Assurance & Software Testing Services

Reliable and cost-effective Software Testing Services provider

Our Independent Quality Assurance & Software Testing Services verify software against requirements, quality, and security standards. Software verification is performed by our software testing experts to evaluate the software in the framework of the particular requirements, to make sure that the software meets both functional and non-functional requirements.

We provide quality assurance services as well to both third-party products and customized software developed by our specialists. Our QA services ensure that the solution meets the client’s requirements, industry standards, security protocols and the business objectives it was designed to accomplish.

Effective testing can be done in several ways – manually, with or without specific applications, totally in automated mode. Choice depends on the aspect to test and objective factors as software type, size and aim of testing.

TGI’s QA procedures are sufficient flexible, can be tailored according to the budget of the client. We have helped abundant clients to increase quality of their applications by our QA services. We pride ourselves to deliver successful and high quality products that accelerate return on investment (ROI) process.

TGI is all about delivering high quality solutions to accelerate your ROI process

Get your bugs-free, functional, and stable working web applications and software by our quality assurance experts within budget and on time.

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