Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

At TGI, we offer comprehensive social media solutions and custom marketing services that deliver quantifiable results. Our social media campaigns run closely with your business goals to achieve maximum impact. We adhere to the highest customer satisfaction standards and therefore, our social media experts work closely with your marketing and business teams to provide a solid extension to your business.

From popular social media networks to online engagement through forums, online chat support, we provide comprehensive suite of personalized services. TGI is results driven, so are our solutions. Here are some of the popular social media platform we are good at:

Facebook Marketing

We can help you achieve a better market share by utilising a Facebook marketing campaign. Update the customers with the latest updates from the company, with the intention of keeping them in the know.

Facebook Advertisements

Facebook offers detailed and highly targeted marketing opportunities for active members and is an effective method of drawing the attention of the market segment. We can promote your website or your fan page while adhering to your business model requires.


Twitter is the hub of social interaction. It is a useful asset to increase the brands attentiveness and to help spread the word out. We help our customers harness the positive aspects of twitter without any of the negativity often associated with an online presence.


As an established professional network, LinkedIn carries a lot of potential to widen your corporate network and brand desirability. We make your professional contacts better aware of your brand’s structure and increase awareness.


Video content and affiliate marketing with established channel partner is managed through YouTube. We take all the essential steps to deliver optimum exposures and marketing opportunities. Adverts on YouTube are an effective medium to give your business a physical entity and establish a brand following.

At TGI, we believe in increasing your revenue streams through specialized marketing campaigns that advocate and inspire your customers. So why wait, contact us and let us learn more about your business goals and how we can help.

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